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Healthy Eating Habits – Healthy Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life

Healthy Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life

Healthy Eating Habits
Healthy Eating Habits

It’s very important to eat healthy and correct diet for a healthy and fit body. However, we must know what to include in our diet and the correct interval between the meals. So, just by switching our day to day eating routine to correct and healthy eating habits, we can achieve many health benefits and stay fit and fab. Below are some tips which could help you to move to a right diet plan.

The Top Healthy Eating Habits

  • Try to eat only fresh wholesome food.
    Eat as little fat as possible, little vegetable oils and small amounts of butter are permitted.
  • Eliminate sugar, refined grains and flours from diet. Try to avoid eating bread or chapatti made with refined flour.
  • Try to eat 50% raw food (fruits, nuts, vegetable) for healthy body.
  • Try to eat food prepared from course- ground grains, whole wheat flours and breads.
  • It is better to eat several meals in a day after every 2 or 3 hours than two big meals; this would help solve low blood sugar problems.
  • Try not to mix too many foods at the same meal, particularly raw foods, raw fruits and vegetables .Because alkaline food and acidic food require different gastric juices and are better eaten at different times.
  • Add brewer’s yeast, honey, kelp, wheat germ and yogurt in to your diet because they provide best supplement to your basic diet.
  • Eat only when hungry, since food eaten without appetite does little good.
  • Drink at least 10-12 glass water in a day
  • Try to eat food that is prepared fresh. And consume it within 3 hour of cooking.
  • Try to eat seasonal food as much as possible
  • Eat vegetable and fruits whole instead of cutting them into pieces, because they lose vitamin from their surface.

So don’t forget to consider above tips next time when you are planning give a second thought to your regular diet plan and switch to healthy eating habits. Eat healthy and stay beautiful.

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