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Overview Of Blood Cancer Health 

Overview Of Blood Cancer

 Blood Cancer Blood And Lymphatic Systems Advances In Treatment The major forms of blood cancer are lymphoma, leukemia and multiple myeloma. These cancers are formed either in the bone marrow or the lymphatic tissues of the body They affect the way your body makes blood and provides immunity from other diseases. Overall survival rates for people with blood cancer have doubled in... Read More
How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep Health Health Tips 

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Medications aren’t always the best solution for insomnia. Some simple lifestyle strategies may help:   Stay on schedule Go to bed and get up around the same time every day. The body’s natural sleep-wake patterns, called circadian rhythms, can be disrupted by abrupt schedule swings. Maintaining a regular bedtime schedule helps train the body to sleep at the desired time. Sleep when... Read More
Mosquito-borne virus has become widespread Health Health Tips 

Mosquito-borne virus has become widespread

The name evokes images of African deserts and rain forests, but West Nile virus quickly has made itself at home across the United States. Since the first U.S. cases appeared in New York in 1999, the virus has spread from coast to coast, and public health experts agree that this mosquito-borne infection won’t go away. “It’s here to stay,” says Richard Pollack,... Read More
Preventing Cancer With Food Diet Health Health Tips 

Preventing Cancer With Food

No single food or nutrient will remove the risk of cancer, but following some guidelines can reduce your chances of developing certain types of cancer. (As an added benefit, some of these guidelines also help prevent heart disease, obesity and diabetes.) And for those who already have health problems, making these dietary changes can give you the needed stamina to fight the... Read More
Are You Worried Well? Health Health Tips 

Are You Worried Well?

Perhaps it does no good to worry, but that’s exactly what many of us do when thinking about health and disease. If you have you ever tried to worry less about your health, you probably found that it wasn’t easy: The entertainment industry, advertisements, news media and hearing about the health problems of friends and family do little to reassure. Doctors often... Read More